Why are we different


  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Motivation for personal development and inner motivation
  • Self control and self discipline
  • Learning from experience based on learning through mistakes
  • Teachers are observers and they are following the child
  • Children can choose activities
  • Freedom of movement and work
  • Undisturbed work (3 hours)
  • Individual work pace
  • Emphasis on concrete
  • Real life
  • Based on helping the natural development of human being
  • Montessori teachers say: “Now children work as if I did not exist”.
  • Respecting individual differences of every child


  • Single-graded classrooms
  • Motivation from the teacher
  • Teachers control and discipline
  • Teachers teach and children listen
  • Teachers are in centre and they control everything
  • Teachers are choosing activities for children
  • Certain workplaces
  • Constant interruptions
  • Teachers determine work pace
  • Emphasis on abstract
  • Roll playing
  • Based on the transfer of a national curriculum
  • Ordinary teacher may say: ”I have brought children up to this level
  • Treating all alike

What Montessori Means To Parents

Reassurance that the Montessori Method will prepare your child for Primary School
Confidence that all areas of education are being taught in a concrete and fun way
Knowledge that your child will be given the freedom to construct himself
Commitment that you are fully aware of your child’s progress
Satisfaction because building your child’s self-esteem, feeling of self worth and confidence is central to Montessori Education