“Fresh, Healthy and Fun ” are the main features of our nutritional program.

In Montessori Kindergarten we provide food that satisfies all the nutritional values necessary for the healthy development of children.

We value facts that in a healthy body, healthy mind, but the brain awake and eager to learn.

Our snacks and lunch are every day freshly prepared, and our chefs will ensure that every dish is delicious. Special attention is paid to preserve the nutritional value in the preparation.
Ingredients we use in preparing meals are carefully selected, fresh, seasonal and most come from the local, controlled production from nearby farms and plantations. We avoid unhealthy products, milk is
served daily, and fresh fruit is always available to children.

With each meal served in Montessori Kindergarten is our opportunity to practice manners at the table with children.

Our lunch time is in the style of a family gathering, and such atmosphere encourages children to try some new dishes.