Parents have the opportunity to be informed about their child’s development, as well as to learn about Montessori pedagogy in many ways .
During the year we organize family classes, where all parents can take their part in informative talks, discussions and educational workshops.
Parents are welcome to come and do a personal observation of their child while working in the kindergarten, to familiarize with a typical day. On our website you can find the application for observation with all the instructions.
Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, and when parents are working closely with the institution, the benefit for a child’s development is immeasurable.

Be informed about your child’s development

There are many opportunities that you as parents take your part in some of the following activities we prepared. When choosing an institution where your child will spend his/hers childhood, you choose community for your family. We are proud that you have chosen us, and so we firmly believe that the education that your child deserves is something much more than a good plan and our teachers. It deserves your parental role and participation.
We invite you to fill in the questionnaire “Join Now“, which you can find in your enrolment package.


You will always be notified in advance of our planned excursions.


We visit a farm with local fruits, vegetables and livestock.


On our calendar you can see that we included activities of adult’s occupations.


On our calendar you can see that we planed preparation of food for the winter, and we invite parents, grandparents, aunts and other in preparing food for winter.


Come and read bedtime story from our library.