About us

Montessori Kindergarten Banja Luka is a small kindergarten with Montessori educational environment within which children can experience the joy and freedom that come with independence, confidence and inner discipline.
We are a community that values respect and compassion. We support the natural development of children and honor their important work of self-discovery. Our program is bilingual, with curriculum prepared to meet Curriculum of Preschool education authorised by Ministry of education of Republic of Srpska.
We currently have two classrooms which are carefully and lovingly prepared to meet the developmental needs of the children in the class. The Toddler classroom supports children 18 months to 3 years old and the Children’s House for children aged 3-6 years old.

Our main goal is to raise children which are:

  • responsible
  • independent
  • capable
  • adaptive
  • which know how to approach resolving problems
  • and which are open-minded.

Montessori approach relies on children’s natural curiosity which is used to encourage children to learn new things.
Montessori method is based on learning through our senses and children’s natural ability to absorb information and learn from mistakes. Montessori materials are specially adapted so that children can understand many abstract concepts (for example time, place, length, temperature…).